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protective clothing for welders with electrostatic properties


Product description

Protective clothing for welders with electrostatic properties, it protects against liquid chemicals.

  • 80% cotton, 19% polyester, 1% antistatic fibre
  • basis weight 270 g/m2
  • made of a fabric called 9339/MQ: VP Proban Comfort AS

the top

  • fastened by means of buttons covered with a flap, finished off with a collar. The pockets fastened by means of a Velcro. The holes at the back are covered with flaps

waist-high trousers

  • fastened by means of buttons covered with a flap. Three external pockets and two internal ones for knee pads

It protects a user against static electricity, fire, effects of hot agents, minor chips of melted metals (gas torch welding), short-lasting contact with liquid substances and liquid chemical substances – type 6 (10% soda base, 30% sulfuric acid, 10% orthophosphoric acid, 37% hydrochloric acid)
It conforms to the requirements of the following standards: EN340, EN1149-5, EN13034 and EN11611


CATEGORY II EN1149-1 EN11611 EN13034 EN340



M L XL XXL XXXL See size chart
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