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Patex has own clothing collection. However, our company allowing our customers provide comprehensive services within the construction of the cut, prepering cut plans. It guarantees a complete production service.

The methods of marking our clothes are: thermal transfer – flex foil and embroidery.

What is it about?

Thermal transfer – flex foil – the printing technique consisting in heating the foil cut on the plotter into the material. The print made with this technique is characterized by high durability. It is not possible to obtain tonal transitions. Suitable for printing on all types of work and advertising clothing. Flex foil prints can be made on both cotton and polyester materials. The foil is available in many colors: white, black, red, orange, sky blue, blue, navy blue, brown, pink, yellow, purple, green, gray, silver matt, silver gloss, yellow fluo, orange fluo, reflective foil (certified according to standard EN 471). You cannot iron the clothes in the place of the logo, it is possible on the left side of the garment.ermotransfer

Computer embroidery – is a method of marking and decorating various fabrics, consisting in embroidering graphic patterns, inscriptions using a needle and thread. Computer embroidery as a method of marking is resistant to damage, washing and ironing. The embroidery can be up to 26 cm wide.

We have made every effort to ensure that each customer can not only order textile printing, but also buy on-site adequate clothing for this process. We offer a wide range of advertising clothing, including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, softshells, jackets, hats, bags, vests and many more.

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