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Foam fire extinguisher 6l


Product description

Foam fire extinguisher 6l.

  • fire extinguisher for group AB fires
  • pressure indicator enabling constant control of pressure in the fire extinguisher
  • steel tank, deep stamped covered with durable varnish coating
  • the interior of the tank protected against corrosion
  • extinguishing foam dispensing by means of a quick-opening valve, enabling temporary interruption of outflow
  • application of Sthamex extinguishing foam secures against re-ignition
  • plastic hose ending with a nozzle enabling extinguishing devices with voltage of up to 1 kV
  • possibility of multiple refilling in Authorised Servicing Facilities
  • extinguishing effectiveness 8A 113B
  • operation time 12 s
  • scope of application temperatures +5°C to +60°C
  • mainly designated to secure residential buildings, hospitals, nursery schools, schools, restaurants, also for gas stations, forwarding bases etc.
  • may be applied in mining (opinion CSRG no. 26/2008)
  • complete with a grip, enabling mounting the fire extinguisher on the wall
  • produced in compliance with requirements of the European Norm PN-EN3 on the basis of a certified quality system
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