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Welcome to our website on which you can find the details of our product offer. We are a producer of protective clothing with a wide range of work and specialized clothing, e.g. for welders or anti – electrostatic clothing. We have been present in the market since 2002.
For more than 15 years, Patex has offered a wide range of products like gloves, shoes, face masks, helmets, and more for workers.

Safety, comfort of use and high quality of the product – these qualities are the determinants of our activities. We strive to ensure that our products provide adequate protection at work, give satisfaction and meet the expectations of customers. We invest in new technological solutions, introduce new products, and place emphasis on appropriate customer service standards.


we provide reliable information and take responsibility for the products we offer.


the family nature of the company allows for quick decision-making, which guarantees customers efficient service.
It allows you to adapt to the individual expectations of customers and meet their requirements.


partnership relations

Friendly relations are the basis of a thriving business. We cultivate good contacts on a daily basis and during meetings.
Caring for the welfare of customers, suppliers and employees, good and professional service, as well as focusing on traditional values: credibility, honesty and trust – this is our trademark.


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